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Tattoo aftercare
The final appearance of your new tattoo depends on how well you care for it as it heals. Follow these instructions.

- After 2-4 hours:
Remove the covering from your tattoo and wash it with antibacterial soap. Very gently pat it dry, and apply a very thin coat of Vitamin A&D or Aquaphor. DO NOT REBANDAGE.

- Day 1- Day 4:
Continue using antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo when showering. Use ointment once or twice a day. During this time you will notice a paper-thin scab, which will crack, flake and peel away by itself. DO NOT HELP IT.

- Day 5- Day 14:
Stop using ointment. Apply lotion a few times a day (Burts Bees- honey & grapeseed oil or milk and honey, Lubriderm, Curel, or any good fragrance free moisturizer) to keep the tattoo at the same moisture level as the surrounding skin. Too much will trap bacteria, and clog pores. Too little will leave your skin dry and sore.

- After 7- 10 Days:
The flaking will stop and you will be at the Primary Heal stage. At this point, the layer of skin with the ink has healed, but new skin has not formed over top. As a result, the tattooed skin will have a waxy or shiny appearance.

- On average, within 2-3 weeks, the epidermis will form and your tattoo should be fully healed.


During the first 14 days, DO NOT:

- Expose your new tattoo to a direct or hot shower jet
- Swim or use a hot tub, sauna or Jacuzzi
- Use Vaseline, petroleum jelly or any antibacterial ointment. Antibacterial ointments may contain peroxides that will cause fading
- Expose your new tattoo to the sun
- Follow any one else's instructions

When healed, protect your artwork with a sun lotion of SPF 45 - 50